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By filling in this form you are applying for a place on a Iwerne Holiday. Due to demand for space, we will need to get back to you to confirm whether or not your application has been successful and to arrange payment.

This form is for those who are still at school. Students please click here.

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Easter Revision 2018
Iwerne A 2018
Iwerne B 2018
Iwerne C 2018

Easter Revision 2018 is fully booked, but we keep a waiting list and will add you to it if appropriate.

Bookings are usually only accepted for the whole of a holiday/event: please tick here to confirm that your child will be staying for the whole holiday Otherwise, please contact the office.

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We work in partnership with teachers from schools and because of limited space priority will be given to young people from these schools. We try to cater for all needs at our holidays: if your child has special requirements, please call us before applying. We retain the right to refuse any application. Information received is recorded on the Activity Holiday Database.